Karl's Bakery

A Fine European Bakery

We make everything from scratch, on premises, batch by batch - just like it should be.  

For Your Valentine

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we've got you covered.  Check out just a few of our tasty treats that'll be sure to make your valentine swoon.


Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Boxes starting at $11.99/dozen

We have traditional chocolate strawberries as well as strawberries dipped in peanuts, sprinkles, and more.



Starting at $5

Forget the traditional box of chocolates. How about a box made of high quality swiss chocolate filled with artisan truffles?  Yum.




Artisan Truffles


Get your valentine a box of the best truffles in town!  Made by a swiss-trained chocolatier right here in the valley, they're sure to make your mouth water.  


Chocolate Strawberry Kronuts

$3.45 each

Feeling adventurous? Skip the chocolate strawberries and make it a kronut... Or do both! This flavor is available for a limited time only.


A little bit about our breads...

Bread is one of the most fundamental foods in just about every culture.  Unfortunately, it's become mistrusted and demonized due to carb-counting diets and large-scale companies adding all sorts of stuff for the sake of shelf life.  

We make our breads with the finest local ingredients, without artificial preservatives, from scratch, and by hand.  

Our French and Italian breads as well as our Kaiser Rolls are made daily.  All of which are made with no preservatives, no shortening, and no sugar.  Throughout the week we make small batches of neighborhood favorites and we also make specialty breads for holidays and special orders.  

Check out our bread schedule below:

Daily - French & Italian

Wednesdays - Butter Crust & Honey Whole Wheat

Thursdays - Farmer's Bread & Multi Grain

Fridays - N.Y. Rye & Challah (Plain, Seeded, or Raisin)

Seasonally & Special Order - French Baguette, Zopf & Monkey Bread



Our bakers have been working extra hard this week making your holiday favorites.  Fresh out of the oven today: our first batch of Zimtsterne.

Zimtsterne, or Cinnamon Stars, are classic German Christmas cookies made with ground hazelnuts and cinnamon, topped with meringue.  They're crunchy on the outside and chewy and delicious on the inside. We make our Zimtsterne in the most traditional way: with no flour.  Yup, you read right, NO FLOUR!