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Ingredients and Vendors

Because we bake every batch from scratch we take pride in the vendors and ingredients we choose for our products and since we value transparency, we want you to know that what is in your baked goods is quality; from purchasing all the way to production.

 Karl's will never use...
      PALM OIL
...in any of the doughs or batters we make.

Butter is the way of life in our bake shop and provides the unforgettable aroma and flavors that permeate our bakery. From Croissants and Cookies to Cakes and Frosting the secret is butter. 


 The benefits of honey extend way beyond taste; it has antioxidant properties, and its antibacterial, anti-fungal nature has been known to help with allergies. This is why at Karl’s we use locally sourced Punch Honeybee Company honey instead of high fructose corn syrup.


One of the building blocks of every baked good is flour, and not all flour is created equal. That is why we are proud to use Honeyville for all of our flour needs; it is grown, harvested and processed into flour honestly.

Because we are a local bakery, we understand the value in supporting the local economy and that includes our farmers. We use as many farm fresh products as possible, from fresh lemon zest to apples and spinach.