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Thawing Guide

*Fresh Fruit Cakes Are Never Frozen: Bavarian Cake, Strawberry Short Cake
**We use REAL BUTTER for all our butter based creams & cakes, they are best served as close to room temperature as possible,(75°F).
Thawing process: Thawing a cake in the fridge will need 12 to 24 hours depending on the size and density.
Maricopa County Health guidelines: When a cake has been set at serving temperature 75°F, fresh creams can sit out up to 6 hours before needing to be discarded. Cake can be portioned out and saved in the refrigerator for up to 6 days only if it was out 3 or less hours at serving temperature. Once a cake has been completely thawed, it should not be refrozen.
Storage: Cakes are best kept frozen and wrapped in plastic, up to 2 weeks. If completely thawed, store in the refrigerator wrapped in plastic, up to 6 days. Be aware of any other odors in your fridge / freezer (fish, onions etc.) creams are sensitive and take on other odors easily. For best results place the best by date on containers.