Raised Specialty Doughnuts

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A favorite of many, our fluffy Raised Doughnuts are sure to satisfy. Made from quality ingredients, they are more filling than most other doughnuts out there!

Apple Fritter: A fan favorite, our apple fritters have chopped apples and cinnamon mixed in to create tons of crispy texture.
Cinnamon Roll: Spirals of doughnut dough and cinnamon sugar make this not only pleasing for the taste buds, but pleasing for your eyes as well!
Cinnamon Walnut: Our doughnut dough is folded with a cinnamon swirl, fried, glazed, and topped with roasted walnuts. Contains tree nuts.

Serves one to two. Contains wheat.
Made in a facility that uses peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, and wheat.

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